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Nalini Spirit

Taurite Earrings with Onyx (assimetric)

Taurite Earrings with Onyx (assimetric)

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Stability · Creation · Axis

The essence of the Taurite collection is axis and balance. Stability, purposeful creation and groundedness. All this is imbued with a deep, ancient power.
This jewel can accompany you in your quest to reach your full potential. It also has an authoritative quality, giving the wearer a dignified power.

The onyx stone directs energies, giving us the power to achieve our goals. It keeps us safe, confident and focused. It balances yin and yang energies, increases stamina and reduces stress.

Our products are made with attention, presence and soul.
Each piece is unique in its quality just like the creations of nature around us.

Size: 5 cm

Material: gold plated brass, onyx crystal

How to care:
This piece is made of brass and it may oxidize with time. Use a polishing cloth or fine sandpaper to restore the original shine and glow of the material.

Processing and shipping:
Usually, the creation process lasts two-tree weeks from the time of order. We will let you know when your package is ready.
Shipping time lasts 1-2 weekdays in Hungary and 5-10 weekdays worldwide.

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