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Nalini Spirit

One Neck Cuff

One Neck Cuff

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Oneness • Unity • Presence


One collection is inspired by the nondual worldview. The term "nondual" literally means: not dual. We live in the paradigm that I and the world are two separate things. Non-dual refers to the possibility of another perspective from which they do not appear to be two. When your consciousness realizes that the world of forms emerges from the space of the all-pervading Oneness, and that in fact there is no separation, everything is ONE.


Our products are made with attention, presence and soul.Each piece is unique in its quality just like the creations of nature around us.


Size: S, M, L

Material: gold plated brass.


How to care:

This jewelry may oxidize with time.

Use a polishing cloth to restore the original shine and glow of the material.


Processing and shipping:

Processing time lasts 2-5 weekdays. 

Shipping time lasts 1-2 weekdays in Hungary and 5-10 weekdays worldwide.

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