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Nalini Spirit

Karuna Necklace with Clear Quartz

Karuna Necklace with Clear Quartz

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Ancestry - Trinity - Power


The triangle is an important symbol and carries many different meanings. It symbolizes the balance of the fundamental forces, the archetypal trinity: body-soul-spirit, mother-father-child, past-present-future, birth-adulthood-death. The Karuna collection also evokes the stable geometry of the pyramids. Its subtle mysticality and pure simplicity make it special.

Clear crystal is a universal healing and energizing mineral. It always supports and balances you where you need it most. Its translucent simplicity reflects the purity of consciousness.

Our products are made with attention, presence and soul.Each piece is unique in its quality just like the creations of nature around us.

 Size: 5 cm.

Material: 925 silver, clear quartz


How to care:

This jewelry may oxidize with time. Use a polishing cloth to restore the original shine and glow of the material.


Processing and shipping:
Processing time lasts 2-5 weekdays.
Shipping time lasts 1-2 weekdays in Hungary and 5-10 weekdays worldwide.

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